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Pulau Coffee is a Coffee Brand From PT Bima Tikhe Berkat,  as one of our well-known Indonesian Coffeebeans “Arabica Sumatra Gayo, Lintong, Mandheling, Sidikalang & Robust Lampung ” planted more than decades on North Sumatra Region as greenbeans coffee products for Export activity focusing on Europe,  Asia & Middle East. We are also expand our Coffee Brand Products to some Retails in Indonesia. Focus on “Sustainability Business Process”; from our Farmers, Business Partners to the environment.

As leading wholesale greenbeans coffee for Indonesian coffee bean, Arabica and Robust with finest quality, we provide the best Indonesian coffee beans from various regions in Indonesia. There are Sumatera Aceh, Sumatera Mandheling, Lintong, Sidikalang , Java & Bali coffee, Sulawesi Kalosi, Toraja, Flores, and Papua coffee. We also provide some of specialty process of coffeebeans such as Honey Processed, Natural & Winey Processed.

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